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Licorice Lines

Continuous production lines and tailor-made components such as cooking-, mixing- and forming extruders, Diemixer, Dieswitch, rotary,

co-extrusion and fixed dies, cooling tunnels, sugar sanders and cutters which are used by confectionery market leaders all over the world.

  • Changing from one product, color, or shape to another within minutes
  • Endless possibilities in shapes and up to 6 colors and flavors
  • Use of co-extrusion to create sugar filled products
  • Self-cleaning, so more hygienic and less labor intensive
  • Quality machinery with an incredible lifecycle
  • Dies enable the production of licorice, fruit snacks, fruit gum, caramels, chewy candy and semi-moist pet -snacks with almost endless possibilities
Extruded Products
  • Licorice Rolls
  • Sugar Sanded Products
  • Filled Licorice 
  • Twisted Products 
  • Fruit Snacks