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Filled & Unfilled Croissants Machines

Curl & More 

With the high-performance Curl & More, you produce filled and unfilled croissants and many other curled pastries in a fully automatic process.

  • For unfilled and filled curled bakery products
  • Up to 24,000 per hour




The Cromaster combines uniquely high production capacity with compact construction.

  • For unfilled and filled croissants
  • Up to 24,000 per hour


Croissomat SCMG

For the production of filled croissants, this Croissomat model can be equipped with a filling depositor and a special curling unit.

  • For unfilled and filled croissants
  • Up to 5400 (unfilled) or 3500 (filled) per hour

Croissomat SCM

There is space in any bakery for the compact Croissomat SCM, the machine for unfilled croissants.

  • For unfilled croissants
  • Up to 5400 per hour