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Rotary Rack Ovens


A rack oven for professional baking - endless possibilities with maximum capacity and even baking results all over the rack!

The V-Series is a reliable, powerful and safe oven that is easy to use. The series has three basic sizes, with space for up to three racks in the oven chamber.

  • IBS, Increased Baking Surface System
  • SD-Touch panel.
  • Cascad steam system quickly provides powerful and extra clean steam.
  • Heat and steam are evenly spread quickly within the oven leaving the system with a short recovery period
  • Powerful insulation
  • Made of stainless steel both outside and inside the oven. 
  • Automatic rotation stop for racks.
  • Effective heat exchange in the oil and gas oven.
  • Right-hand hinged insulated door with double glazed window and door stop.
  • Max baking temperature 300°C.



The C-Series is a flexible and user-friendly series of compact rack ovens developed to be highly efficient and designed to fit into small places.

  • Heating package integrated into the top section.
  • Equipped with the Increased Baking Surface (IBS).
  • Allows for quick, even and economical baking.
  • SD-touch panel.
  • Large, efficient heating package - flexible production.
  • Integrated high capacity steam system.
  • Efficient heat exchange in oil and gas ovens.
  • Frequency controlled fans which direct the airflow (option).
  • Adjustable airflow of heat and steam when baking sensitive products such as meringues and macaroons. 
  • Max baking temperature 300°C.


Rotary Mini Rack Oven


The S-Series is a small oven with the efficiency and functions of a large oven which makes it perfect as an in-store oven.

All S-series ovens can be equipped with a prover or storage cabinet.

  • Same good baking results as in a large rack oven. - IBS - alternately rotation.
  • SD-Touch panel. 
  • Strong insulation.
  • Large front window with heat-reflecting double glass and good lighting.
  • Build-in, high capacity steam system.
  • Compact under built prover, as well as heat & humidity sensor. 
  • Max baking temperature 300°C