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Turnkey industrial Sponge Cake Lines

Our equipment is designed and built following our client’s needs and requests for a tailor made solution.

  • Batter & Cream Preparations
  • C.I.P Unit 
  • Sponge rollers depositors 
  • Decoration before oven
  • Baking Section 
  • Cooling conveyor 
  • Longitudinal Cutter 
  • Syrup dosing unit 
  • Filling dispenser 
  • Roller Tools, Two layer folding tools, Family size cake tools, Girella workbench, Tri-Layer cake tools
  • Transversal Cutter 
  • Transversal Ultrasonic cutter
  • Coating / Decorating section 

Machines for sponge products like layer cakes, milk layer cakes, roll cakes, Girella cake, Tegolino cake and bases for cakes.

Layer Cakes:

Traditional two layer cake, traditional three layer cake, family size layer cake.

Roll Cakes:

Big roll, mini roll, flat roll.

Girella Cake and Tegolino Cake

Bases for Cakes: 

Bases for round and square cakes. One base, thousands possibilities