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Turnkey industrial Cupcake and Deposited lines.

Our equipment is designed and built following our client’s needs and requests for a tailor made solution.

  • Batter & Cream Preparation 
  • Oil sprayer 
  • Denester unit 
  • Volumetric pistons depositor 
  • Oven Loading system 
  • Baking section 
  • Oven unloading system 
  • Buffer tower 
  • Volumetric piston injector 
  • Robotic depanning system 
  • Cooling tunnel 
  • Trays washer 

Industrial and automatic lines to produce fluffy and tasty muffin, cupcakes, Twinkie, Loaf cakes. 

Muffins & Cupcakes: 

A muffin/cupcake is a rich, fluffy and tasty cake. You can choose any filling or topping to create your product.

Twinkie & Loaf Cakes:

A fluffy and tender, light and airy cake that has the richness of a cup cake but the smooth texture.