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FETTE AL LATTE” CAKE (or Milky Chilled Cake) Line 

The “fette al latte cake” usually comes in two types: Filled with Pasteurized Cream, or with Aerated fatbased milky cream.

In both cases refrigeration is needed for conservation and distribution of the product.


Pasteurized Milk Cake (Ice cream style)

This type of “Fetta al Latte” layer cake, has the exact same concept and type of sponge cake, although the cream preparation System is different.

The Cream (concentrate of milk and sugars) are directly poured inside the Pasteurizer and brought to high temperature (80-90°C),

keeping it stable for the time necessary to sterilize and pasteurize the cream.

The product is then brought to room temperatures through a Heat Exchanger mounted on the output of the Pasteurizer,

the Cream is then stored and refrigerated between 0 and 5 °C.

Square and round milk layer cakes:

The milk layer cakes are fresh and delicious snacks made of a soft filling milk cream between two layers of sponge cake.