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Buns and Rolls Production Systems


RONDObot - Revolutionary rounding

RONDObot is the technology underlying an innovative rounding system for dough-band installations.

It is designed for production of round-moulded small pastries and bread across a wide range of weights.

  • Multi-Phase Rounding Process
  • High performance
  • Unmatched flexibility
  • Superb product quality

Smart Bread Line

The Smart Bread Line combines our Smartline with a make-up line and is the flexible, multifunctional solution for the manufacture of bread and rolls as well as other bakery products.

  • Capacity: 150 – 1500 kg/h
  • Weight range: 25 – 1500 g


 Industrial Bread Line 

Heavy-duty bread line. All machines are designed for continual bread processing and made of high quality materials that ensures excellent baking results.

  • Capacity up to 3000 pcs/h.
  • Weight range 100-1500 g.
  • Proving time depending on capacity pcs/h and size of intermediate prover IPP.