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Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers

Industrial Series

330 - 795 lt 

  • Traditional and universal spiral mixing technology totally re-designed to improve the standards
  • Available in Single or Double Spiral for a wide range of production needs
  • Variable speed, PLC control and Mixing by Energy as Standards
  • Available in different configurations with fixed or free to rotate post, in rectangular or round shape


Mid-Size Series

80_120_160_200_240_300_350_400_500 kg

  • Advance taper bowl locking and motion system 
  • The hydraulically controlled cone 
  • Noiseless motion system 



Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers 

Craft Series

50_60_80_100_120_160_200_240 Kg

Fixed bowl spiral mixer with two motors suitable for bakeries of all sizes.

  • Two speeds
  • Two motors
  • Two way bowl rotation allowing to reverse the bowl in 1st speed
  • Automatic timers
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral tool and breaker bar


Pilot Series 

30_40 Kg

  • Fixed bowl spiral mixers with one motor.
  • Two speeds, one-way bowl rotation.