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Deposited Cookies

Production plant of deposited and wire-cut cookies on any capacity up to 1.500 kg/h and more.

The lines comprises Planetary mixers, Dough feeding systems, Wire-cutter or combined Depositor and Wire-cutter, at single or double head

for two colour dough, and with the possibility of fitting a third head for filling or a shutter system to close up the filled products.

Baking ovens (Cyclothermic, Convection or Hybrid), Cooling conveyors and final Packaging conveyor.

Soft Biscuits 

Production plant of soft biscuits on any capacity up to 3.000 kg/h. The lines comprises different types of Mixers, Dough feeding systems,

Rotary Moulder complete with its ancillary equipment (various Washover attachments, Sugar and crumbs sprinklers), Baking ovens

(Cyclothermic, Convection or Hybrid), Cooling conveyors, Double chute or “penny” stacker and final Packaging conveyor.

Hard Sweet Biscuits and Crackers

Production plant of hard sweet biscuits and Crackers of any capacity up to 3.000 kg/h. The lines comprises various types of mixers,

dough feeding systems, different configurations of sheeting equipment, with or without laminator, rotary cutter at one or two rolls

with its ancillary equipment (decorators, sugar or salt sprinklers), Baking oven (Cyclothermic, Direct Gas Fired or Hybrid at two or

three combinations), Cooling conveyors, Stacker or “Penny stacker” and final Packaging conveyor for product collecting.