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Planetary Mixers

Industrial Series

120_1200 l

  • Two inverters for independent control of scraper and tools rotation plus inversion of tools’ rotation for maximum flexibility and blending homogeneity
  • Possibility to intensively mix in pressure for consistent and elevated product aeration
  • Fast incorporation and delicate distribution of inclusions
  • Large choice of mixing tools available with quick release designed for a wide variety of dough and batters
  • Available with jacketed bowl for warming/cooling with water and/or steam
  • Fast recipe changes, easy cleaning with optional CIP 

Mid- Size Series

120_200_300_400 l

Planetary Mixer with double tool and removable bowl for the production of aerated texture creams, plum cakes,short pastry, almond paste, sponge cake.


Craft Series

60 _160 liters

  • Adjustable speed and different tools