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Utensil Washers

In Various Sizes & Capacities
The Utensil Washers have a specially designed lid which opens fully to allow easy operation and loading without causing backstrain to operators. Even in the smallest production areas. Further, the machine can be used as a sink when not in use as an automatic Utensil Washer.
As standard all models includes an environmentally friendly "ECO wash" programme for less dirty objects. Pushing "ECO wash", the machines wash with a reduced wash temperature and use less soap. Still the rinse with 85° C hot water for guarantee of hygienic result.
Even the most persistent dirt is removed! The fully automatical detergent dispenser ensures the optimum dosage of soap. The powerfull pumps and rotating wash arms provide a brilliant wash result.The end rinse pump guarantees a constant temperature of 85°C during the entire rinse period and sanitisation of the utensils is achieved. An additional advantage of the high temperature rinse is the fast drying of utensils by evaporation, a rinse aid can be automatically added to assist with this process.




Cologne- Germany
29 January-1 February 2017


IBEX Exhibition

Tehran-International Trade Fair
6-9 December 2016


ICF Exhibition

Tehran-International Trade Fair
13-16 September 2016

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